Saturday, January 15, 2011

What if-s

At some point in our lives,

We'd start questioning ourselves with "what if?"

What if I stopped being lazy, and sat down and really studied?

What if I never listened to my mum, and picked the job I really wanted?

What if I continued exercising everyday, and never slacked?

What if I had enough guts to ask that hot babe out?

What if I never let him go?

The problem with "what if", is that your chance has already passed.

Or, you're uncertain of what you want to do.

I used to be this person, who'd always let herself down.

Really, I played on self-sabotage, all the time.

Honestly, it sucked.

Looking back, I know things would be so different for me now,

If I actually did things differently.

If I studied, I would've gotten straight As in my SPM.

If I pursued music further, I wouldn't be in advertising. I'd probably have ended up in MPO or something.

If I practiced my tennis more, I'd have won some competitions.

If I pursued my love of performing, I would've ended up in the theater.

The thing about me, that I'm very sure of at this point,

Is that I know I have tons of potential in me.

But my mistake was, I let myself down.

But then again, I wouldn't exchange any part of what I have now,

To get what I could've gotten way back then.

Sure, I'm not in the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra,

Yeah, I'm not a straight A student,

And of course, I never so much as entered any tennis competitions.

But I have a job that I absolutely love,

A career that's off to a flying start,

Achievements that most people my age never get till much later,

Experiences that most people my age don't encounter till about.... 4 years later,

And a future that is, although uncertain, definitely off to a good start.

So I've stopped asking myself "what if?",

And turned it into "what else?".

What else can I do, to make my ideas better?

What else is there, for me to improve?

What else can I do, to get that creative award?

What else can I do, to win the next creative pitch?

What else can I do, to wow my clients?

What else can I do, to bring myself one more step closer to my dreams?

Doesn't that sound better, than all of the "what if-s" in our lives combined?


Sophos said...

nothing else

Eileen said...

Uh. Nothing else what?

Sophos said...

u ask what else ma. Nothing else lor lols

Eileen said...



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