Monday, September 29, 2008

Natural Beauty?

These days, it's very VERY easy for women to look beautiful. All it takes is a little bit of dedication. I do believe I've explained it in this entry.

Actually, I'm pretty ok with the whole "heavy make-up" thing, despite the fact I don't do make-up. But I find it irksome when people say that "girls with heavy make-up are so fake". And these people simply rave about "natural beauty". Let me tell you, in my point of view, what "natural beauty" really means.

It means, no combing/cutting/styling your hair, no brushing your teeth, no showering, wearing your birthday suit, no make-up, and no physical maintenance (if you get what I mean) WHATSOEVER. You were BORN that way what.

Honestly, what is so wrong about putting on make-up? If us girls can beautify ourselves, and we feel good about it, AND we look good, why not?

Guys, do you seriously think you'll find a girl who is COMPLETELY natural? I doubt it.

OH, if you're thinking that your future partner in life won't need this sort of stuff, why don't you tell him/her not to brush his/her teeth or shower?

You want natural? Go find an amoeba. Nothing more natural than that.

P/S: spelling error. == I malas nak buat spelling check.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just Read the Entry....

Hot, isn't he? A bit skinny, but not bad la...
Is it just me, or does he look a bit like Wu Chun from Fei Lun Hai?
Albeit a little less buff.
Or is it just the hair? Forget it. He's still hot. xD

Isn't he ADORABLE??? Dang. He's cute. Too cute to be real.
A pretty boy. Bishonen-worthy.

They look like best friends, don't they?
1 cute and 1 macho.
OMG. So darn leng zai.

Yep. They look a lot like best friends


Wait a second.








I don't even want to know what's going on there. EEW.

I don't hate gays. But, seeing two guys kissing each other is just.. Wrong. Plus, it's totally against the rules of the Bible.

Okay. Okay. I know I said the next entry would be about Paik Hwa's birthday bash, but Wee Wee was taking a bit too long to send me the pics, and I was bored. I got these pics from an e-mail sent by a friend I met at JPJ - Carmen. SJ sent me the exact same e-mail a little while later. The top pic shown is taken from here. Kirio's individual pics are taken from here, and J.Law's individual pics, except for the first one, are taken from here. That's about all of the sources I think. No plagiarism ya...

The rest are taken from the e-mail she sent me.

These two guys are supposedly Beijing's most famous gay couple. Or so the e-mail says. I ran a search on them and guess what? 3950 RESULTS. Somemore got a lot relevent wan.

Don't believe me?

(click to enlarge)

And I did manage to source for J. Law's (the taller gay) blog. It's all in chinese though.

According to.. Well, a lot of people pretty boys are usually gay. But seriously, what a waste! =(

UPDATE: MichL's uber nuts over the shorter one... LOL. MichL, you can stop dreaming, he's gay.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Who Needs Plastic Surgery When You Have Make Up?

Source: Yutaki's Blog

Like the title says, who needs plastic surgery when you have make up?

Here is solid proof that make up can do miracles.

Here's how make up can turn from this:

to this:

1. The clean face without any touch-up whatsoever.

2. Contact lenses to enlarge the pupils and double eye-lids Sticker and Glue.

3. Apply basic moisturizing cream to keep face healthy.

4. Apply foundation. This is a MUST as it makes the skin tone more even. Apply very a slight amount on both sides of your cheeks to make your face longer and slimmer.

5. Use concealer to cover up all flaws (e.g.: pimples, eye-bags, etc.)

6. Add fake eyelashes but make sure to place them in such a way that they look natural. Draw eyebrows nicely.

7. Add mascara at the bottom eyelashes to make upper and lower eyelashes even.

8. Apply eyeliner.

The longer eyeliner you draw, the better. It makes your eyes look bigger and longer.

9. Add eyeshadow. Use one dark colour and one light colour to blend.

10. Add lip gloss and blusher.....

Style up your hair and..................................


The Magic of make-up!!!

Conclusion: Any girl can look pretty as long as she puts in effort. No need plastic surgery lah. And next time you look at a pretty girl, you may want to reconsider if she's naturally pretty, made-up or plastic. =)

Author's note: This is an entry based on Yutaki's "Tranformer" entry. The original entry can be viewed here.

I apologise if any cosmetic terms used here are incorrect because the only form of make-up I use is lip gloss and nail polish so, don't bash me ya?


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