Sunday, January 02, 2011

And I think you're lucky too.

A friend of mine once commented that I was lucky to be single.

And that it's better to be that way 'cos she thinks being in a relationship is more... Troublesome.

I can't see why she should feel that way.

Sure, I have all the privileges.

The whole commitment-free thing.

The exclusion of drama, and the excessive hurt.

I'm pretty content with my life right now.

It's great.

But only sometimes.

I do get moments when I feel very alone.

Isn't it great to have someone text or call you in the middle of the day just to tell you they loved you?

Isn't it great to have one person on your mind, the minute you wake up, and the moment you fall asleep?

Isn't it nice to have someone you look forward to seeing, at the end of the day, or when a date is set up?

I know when I had a boyfriend I loved all of these things.

I never thought, for a single moment that all these were chores.

These days, when I'm down, sometimes, I have no freaking clue about who I should be calling.

I mean, I can't keep calling up my friends every time I feel emotional and intrude on their lives.

They have other commitments too.

When you're attached, it's always that one person you'd call to listen to you or comfort you.

And boy, do they do it so easily,

It's almost like magic.

When you're attached,

Notice how you have someone to miss.

It kills you sometimes cos the person isn't right next to you,

But you have someone to miss,

Even if they're on the other side of the world.

There is a physical being that you long for.

For you attached people,

That certain someone is most likely to miss you back.

Isn't that beautiful already?

In my case, the person I miss, isn't ever gonna miss me.

That's for sure.

When you fight,

Notice how you have someone to fight with?

I'm not talking about a fight between friends, family or total strangers.

I'm talking about a lover's quarrel.

The type that once you make up, things are sweeter than ever.

And I think that's beautiful too.

You have someone you actually wanna hold on to,

And someone who wants to hold on to you, too.

And you both have something worth fighting for.

And when you're both together,

It's like the whole world melts away,

And it's just the two of you.

And I know that this is one thing that you don't want anyone to take away from you.

So isn't it great, after all, to be in love?

If anything right now, dear friend, I think you're pretty lucky too.


Sophos said...

hohoho, im lucky, the first type xD

Charles said...

Just a matter of opinion, no harm meant.

Single or attached, both is a blessing.
As single, perhaps God wants you to learn more about yourself before starting with others, with a partner, maybe it's time for you to share your love.

There is a lot around you that you could love, as all aspires to be in an intimate realationship, many forgot that they have their commitments that were set on them while they were born, what could these commitments be? Perhaps it's the best time to seek it out while you're still single ^^

Eileen said...

Charles, Insightful indeed. :)


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