Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Two Ways

In issues that cross our path,

There are two ways of looking at it, I believe.

You can either complain and whine about it, blame it on someone else,

And be a pathetic victim.

Or, you can own up to it, learn from it,

And move on with your life, more grown up than before.

For example:

Let's say, you were supposed to compile information from everyone in the company,

But some weren't cooperative, and you ended up not being able to complete your task.

In knowing this, your boss gave you such an ass-whooping lecture,

That you cried in one corner of the office toilet all day.

At this point, you have 2 choices:

1. Blame the irresponsible bastards who didn't cooperate with you.

"It's all THEIR fault! They didn't cooperate with me! I asked them to give me the info but they just didn't listen!!" etc. etc. etc.

or 2. Own up to it. You probably didn't push hard enough, you weren't firm enough with them, and you let them push you around. Or something along those lines.

"I wasn't firm, and I probably didn't come across as 'I mean business, assholes, gimme your data or I will report you to the boss'. Next time, I'll be more firm."

Notice how powerful the second option sounds?

In every thing we do, we always have a choice.

It's always either A, B, or C.

I think we're sorta programmed to pick the one that we deem "the best" for ourselves.

Sometimes, those choices really do turn out for the best, because we choose what we think is the best choice at the moment.

And sometimes, those choices are made because it's the easiest way out, 'cos we just don't want to face the issue.

Like in the example I listed,

It's always easier to choose option number 1,

'cos you get all the "Oh poor you!"-s and the sympathetic hugs.

And it makes us feel good.

With option number 2,

We don't get any of that.

At the very most, we get "Yes, now you know, don't do it again."

So it doesn't feel all that satisfying to us at all.

But notice how choosing option 1 makes you seem so small in the eyes of others,

And how choosing option 2 makes you seem so admirable?

I suppose it's a matter of opinion at this point:

Whether you want to be pitied and mollycoddled in being a victim,

or to be admired and respected in owning up to your mistakes.

The choice is really up to you.

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