Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009, an experience

In 2009, I have learned:

2. Moo Calcium sucks
3. I am not creative material (can die from overwork)
4. There's so much more about advertising that I didn't know. Kinda scares me.
5. There are more psychos around than I thought. I met two this year, one last year, and one in 2006. I've had enough to last a lifetime.
6. Advertising is..... Er I better not mention. My future job at stake here.
7. To be very very skeptical.
8. 24 Power Drink doesn't exist in Malaysia. How we managed to market this 'imaginary' product, I'm still trying to figure that part out.
9. Vietnam is a small country indeed.
10. I can crap 30+ pages on the Vietnamese language. And I can do it all in one night.
11. It IS possible to write a 200 + page report on Vietnam. I have never been so proud of myself, and my teammates.
12. That to save money in Jaya One, one must starve, and hang out at Cold Storage frequently.

2009 gave me:
1. Drama. Assening Assignments.
2. The ability to stay up for nights on end. (coffee + apples helps. Makes me very high indeed)
3. The realisation that I can juggle my assignments and exams at the same time. Literally at the same time. I'm still in awe of myself (perasanted-ness) though there were many side-effects (brain nearly died, I was in a zombie-like state for days)...
4. Wonderful people. The more people I knew, the more I learned.
5. Loss.
I still miss you both. RIP, grandpa and Uncle Simon.
I love you.

6. Strength.
7. Insomnia. I'm still having trouble falling asleep.
8. Bloody Shop. Drove me crazy for weeks.
9. A brand new college, complete with an awesome photo studio, audio room, lounge, MACs (Kay I don't use them but still), and a way better library. Oh yeah and we're getting a gym soon.
10. The opportunity to really work as an account executive. And boy, is it hard.
11. I have finally made a trip to Perpustakaan Negara. Semangat giler.

In the midst of it all, to be honest, I don't feel a thing about 2009 going away. I guess I'm really too tired to bother right now. When I realised that today was New Year's Eve, I was shocked. And I honestly don't know how I'm gonna spend this day. I have absolutely nothing planned, cos my plans are all.. uh. Unconfirmed.

2009 was dramatic. In a sense that so many has happened (If I were to blog about it, this post would be super long). We've experienced many deaths... Many significant ones, in fact. But all in all, boleh tahan lah. Next year, I'll be graduating. I'd love to see where that takes me.

So I leave you with this wish, that the next year will be much better for all of you.

It's a little early, but Happy New Year, guys. :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A rough summarisation of 2009 for IAA 71/72

A short re-cap of this glorious year, with all its ups and down, we've survived!

1. The "Concept"
2. zoo trip-visiting cousins
3. Bloody Shop
4. class barbeque night
5. Hulu Langat picnic
6. College move to Jaya 1-- spend more $$
7. NTRC project
8. POOL!!! addictive...
9. many many late nights
10. road trip to Mable's home town
11. Ad-unpluged...
12. ASSignments!! (in a good way)
13. TLC sucks...
14. 24 power drink not sold in M'sia..
15. movie highlights: fast & furious, Avatar, monster vs aliens, transformers 2, ice age 3, g-force...
16. makan, makan, and more makan...

-adapted (or rather "taken from") Thomas Tan's Facebook note 2009 "A good year"

Bottomline: Despite all the shit we've gone through, we SURVIVED!!! We rock. :P

I'll come up with my own later lah.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


isn't Christmas,
till it happens
in your heart...
somewhere, deep inside you,
is where Christmas really starts...

so, give your... heart to people...
you'll discover when you do.
that it's Christmas, really Christmas... for you!

It's a bit late, but hey, it's still Christmas!
More or less....

Monday, December 21, 2009

After a long Hiatus

Hello all!
It's been awhile. Blame my lack of updates on assignments and exams. However the good news is, I'm now free!!! I've decided to take the time off to get in touch with my music (or rather get reacquainted), considering how long it's been since I last touched my violin. And to reflect on what I really want to do in advertising. Next semester have to choose electives liao, so yeah. It's been a semester filled with all sorts of drama which I will not speak off here, but thankfully, it's over. :)

Oh yes, and I broke my record. 3 DAYS OF NO SLEEP! Okaylah I slept a few hours in the afternoon, but trust me, it wasn't enough. On the 3rd day I could barely think and I had to complete an individual assignment.

One good thing about this semester is that I've grown... Somewhat (I so feel like laughing at myself now). I never knew that there was so much more to advertising than what I learned in the past few semester. Advertising (especially the creative aspect) is HARD. It's not the execution part of it all. It's the formation of it. Execution-wise, every Tom, Dick and Harry can do lah, to be honest. But good ads don't work that way.

This semester was an eye-opener.

And I have my lecturers: Margaret Chew and Alicia Chong to thank for that. Despite the times that I've whined incessantly about how hard the assignments all were, I believe I did learn something from the both of you. I don't think you'll ever read this, but I still want to say a heartfelt thank you to the both of you.

This is an ad that will never ever be shown in Malaysia (Malaysians, we all know why...)

Personally, I feel that Bruno Aveillan (the director of this ad) is a genius. I absolutely love his work. The concept of this ad is clearly seen, and beautifully executed. Now if only we could make more ads like these...


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