Saturday, May 17, 2008

Memories from NS

I was so unwilling to go. When I got there, people who arrived earlier than me started staring. I was all: "Oh shit. I'm gonna survive here???" I cried the first few days I got there... All I wanted was to go home. But on my very last day... When I went on the van that would take me to the airport to go home for good... I cried. There were so many people there, wanting to send us off (there were others going home too)...

As I lugged my bags to the van, one of my friends - Joyce said: "This is it, huh?" And I thought, it is. And on the van, I cried.

We lived together for more than a month. Even though we've only gotten to know each other for this short period of time, we're pretty close. We've been through a lot of things together. And whatever it is, we stick together... I know it sounds a bit cliche, but I get the feeling that there's gonna be a special bond between us.

I love them all, I really do.

It's a great experience. Seriously. I miss my friends so darn much now... Really wish I could see them again. When I left, I got the feeling that... I might never see these people again.
If I had the chance to go to Sibu again, I would. Just to see them again.

I had a lot of fun there. I have no complaints, actually. Except for the fact that the toilets are dirty. Other than that, I'm ok with the whole thing.

I have no regrets for going to NS... First off, I met so many beautiful people...

Done a lot of crazy things...

Er.. We're only posing, by the way.. I'm straight.

Saw beautiful sceneries...

Wore the celoreng....

And made some of the best memories of my life. =)

So, NS was a wonderful experience for me... Cos of the people. To all my NS friends, if you ever read, I miss you guys. I miss waking up everyday to go to PT (morning exercise)with you all, I miss bocoring (it's a kind of Malay dance) with you all, I miss showering with you all, I miss our snacking sessions, I miss the times when we would just sit in our dorms and talk, I miss kawad-ing with you all, heck, I even miss racing against you people for a plug point to charge my phone on Sundays (XD)... I love you guys!!

So there you have it. My post on NS. I can't really tell all of the stories I have here... Cos it'll make the entry way too long. If you want, you can always ask me on MSN. More pics in Friendster if you wanna see. =)


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