Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hello Again

Okay, so right after I announce a hiatus, I actually know what to write about. These bursts of inspirations are so unpredictable. 1 month of no blogging! That's a track record I got there. Here goes:

There's something about music that we all love.

I for one, enjoy it to a passion so strong, that if music ceased to exist, I might just jump off KL Tower.

What I love so much about music, is the emotion that each note conveys.

Listen to angry music, and you'll probably feel motivated to hit someone.

Listen to happy music, and your mood lifts up a little.

Don't you find it amazing how well music affects us all so easily?

We're talking about emotions, in people, the most difficult part of the human mind to manipulate.

You can't make people feel happy, sad, or angry.

It comes of free will.

But music, good music, pulls it off so easily.

Come to think of it, music and writing are actually quite similar.

I said similar, not the same.

Think about it, like I said, when you hear happy music, your mood lifts up a little.

Likewise with writing, a good author can evoke feelings that the reader wouldn't be feeling before the person reads his/her piece.

Remember the time you read Harry Potter? If you haven't read the book you seriously need to go dig a hole.

Now tell me, even if you didn't cry about it, that you weren't sad or outraged when Sirius died?

Or when Dumbledore died?

Okay so maybe you wanted them to die (if you did, I hate you), don't tell me you didn't at least have a burst of "YES NOW THEY'RE BOTH GONE! YOU DIE NOW POTTER! LONG LIVE THE DARK LORD! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" sort of feeling? (you evil, evil person)

See, before hearing the melody, or reading the story,

People don't care.

I mean, why would they?

Why should they read or listen to something that has nothing to do with them?

We're all selfish by nature, when it all comes down to it.

So what makes us want to read? Or to listen to the music people make?

My guess is, that whatever was produced is powerful enough to make people love it.

Enough to catch their attention, and hold it, for hundreds of years.

This actually relates to advertising, in a strange way.

Or maybe not so strange.

The way I see it, advertising is pretty much fighting for that kind of attention people give music and stories.

A great ad, can actually make people on the street stop, and stare for a very very long time.

And do more than staring.

The ad would hit them right in the gut.

Mess up their emotions.

Make them happy, angry or sad.

They'd actually want to find out what it's all about,

Be able to relate to the ad, whatever it's selling.

Generate some sort of hype over the product,

And we're sold.

And what would make the ad even better?

The very fact that out of billions of ads created, it can still be remembered for years to come.

That's what I think.

How do we achieve that?

At the moment, I really can't answer this.

My time in the industry hasn't been long enough.

I say give it maybe a few years.

Then I'll come back to you on this.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

To whom it may or may not concern,

Eileen Speaks is on hiatus till the writer receives divine inspiration on what to write.

For now, please feel free to go to my Tumblr (link on right).



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