Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Their smelly "love"

Abstract from paper airplane love poem:
(dedicated to SJ & ML)

My life was like a sewer,
Full of shit and scent,
But after I met you,
You are my plumber,
You clean all the shit,
And put perfume into me.
You are me,
And I am you.
2 brains are better than 1.
May our smelly love last forever.

author: LMG

This poem is what LMG "helped" CSJ to write for his "beloved" ML. May your "smelly" "love" last forever.

Disclaimer 1: It is not confirmed that SJ and ML are together.
Disclaimer 2: Sorry, ML. I can't help it. MUAHAHAHAHA.....

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Lol. Dunno if this is true. Kinda tiru-ed Jo's blog from here....
I never knew my grandfather cared for me that much. He was playing mahjong when he heard I was chosen. The news upset him so much, he stopped playing and demanded to go home. Also insisting that they came down to visit us this Friday. I was shocked. I never knew he cared that much.

But then again, I'm his only granddaughter.

I'm getting increasingly irritated with my stalker. It's like he's trying to follow everything I do. That is just scary. He should see a psychiatrist. He's nothing but a sex maniac. Just look at what he did to his own girlfriend. Scary.


I never thought it'd happen.

I went and checked with full force of confidence that I wouldn't be chosen.

I wouldn't be picked.

To my horror, I was.

I'm going for National Service for 3 whole months.

3 months without my family or friends and nowhere near the people I love. Unless I'm lucky.

3 whole months without a clean toilet/bathroom to wash myself in.

Hopefully I'm picked for 1st batch. The faster this all finishes, the better. And, I can still come back for Christmas and Chinese New Year.

My seniors have all said it was fun. That's some kind of consolation I guess. But still, why me? It's scary. Being in a place filled with people I don't know in somewhere I've never heard of with strangers. Far away from friends and family and all those people important to me. It scares me.

I literally screamed when I found out.

National Service.

Someone kill me.

For all I know I could be shipped off to somewhere in Sabah or Sarawak. No chance of anyone I know ever visiting me there. Unless Irene and her family plan a trip there. Unless they're willing to get air tickets for this. For me. To see me. Oh yea.. The prospects of it seem "so bright". Haha. Fat chance. No one's gonna waste hundreds of Malaysian ringgit just to see me for one day. It's somewhat the reality of life.

I'm probably gonna spend 90% of my free time writing letters. And when I get my phone I'll be talking 80% of that time. I'll miss them. My home. My friends. My family. Him.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

You're beautiful

It's undeniable. Every girl wants to look beautiful. Or to think they are. I used to go around looking at people's profiles here and there.... And whenever I see girls acting cute (regardless whether they're cute or not...) I'd scoff at them and criticise them. It was wrong, I know. I've stopped. I don't wanna judge anymore.

However, if you really think about it, every girl wants to look beautiful too. Myself included. But then, I'm really quite happy the way I am. Honestly, if we all walked out looking like Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba or one of the top 10 most beautiful women in the world, we wouldn't be unique, would we? We'd all look the same and... That's kinda scary.

You don't have to make your eyes 3 times bigger than usual or pose in some kinda cute way to look cute. You're perfect the way you are. You don't need to. Sometimes you look worse when you do that. Did you know? You may look in the mirror and think: " Eew. I'm so ugly." But hey, you have all your eyes, lips, and nose. Isn't that a blessing? I think everyone's beautiful in their own way, regardless of how they look.

My friend Jon, once told me, if a woman has confidence, she's sexy. He's right. I don't mean confidence in the wrong way lar..... Anyway, it doesn't really matter how beautiful you look. If you're so mean and unkind, who wants you?

Accept yourself the way you are.
Looks don't matter at all. People who are beautiful inside are the most beautiful of all.


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