Monday, August 25, 2008

Spectacularly Breathtaking

And so it ends. The Olympic torch is extinguished.

The Beijing Olympics 2008 has finally reached its end. Needless to say, it was nothing short of spectacular. The Chinese are truly the masters of fireworks.

The starting part was a little boring, but I have to say, they made up for it quickly.

I'll let the pics do the talking ya?
This was a bit boring.

This was mind-blowing! =)

A sneak peek of what will happen at the London Olympics.

Leona Lewis!
David Beckham! Nah. I'm not much of a fan. LOL. But the guy who caught this ball he kicked looked really happy.

The preview was interesting.


Will they manage to upstage China in 2012?

That remains to be seen.

Well done, China. You have achieved more than what the world has expected.
Despite the Lin Miaoke case. I'm still wondering if the singers I saw on stage REALLY sang.

Good luck, London.

Photos taken from the Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Concert that (almost) wasn't

Recognise her?

Ok, I'm sure you do. Unless you live in some isolated jungle.

I'll say it anyway. It's Avril Lavigne.

And she's coming to Malaysia. But, well, she almost didn't. Apparently, it's because she's too... Sexy.

Ok, I'm no Avril fan. In my opinion, she can't sing. She really can't. I mean, if you hear her live, and compare it to the recordings, you'd know. Scrap it, I never liked her voice. Recording or live, she still sounds like she's screeching her lungs out to me.

But I have to say, her previous songs were definitely more meaningful.

In any case, if this is too sexy,
Then what is this?

Strangely, the Pussycat Dolls had NO problem coming to Malaysia.... Hmm....

Although Avril has been allowed to hold a concert here, her wardrobe had to be changed. Apparently, no exposure of the knees is allowed, and she must be covered from chest to knees. Hmm... Well, the Pussycat Dolls obviously showed more than their knees here....

I'm not really supporting anyone here, but then, you gotta admit. If AVRIL is too sexy, then we may as well be banned from wearing anything that exposes more than our HANDS, FEET and NECK..


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