Monday, February 09, 2009

Movie Review: Bride Wars

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Synopsis in a nutshell:

Two best friends who shared the same dream of having a perfect wedding become mortal enemies when a mishap causes their wedding dates to be scheduled on the same day. Liv and Emma have planned their weddings to minute detail since they were little, and the wedding venue, on the top of their lists was the Plaza Hotel. At 26, they were both engaged and rearing to get married. All hell breaks loose when a clerical mistake schedules their wedding dates on the same day at the Plaza Hotel.

The Review:

Hearing my friends rave about the movie, my expectations were pretty high upon viewing. Unfortunately after viewing the movie, I found myself being let down pretty bad. Watching the catfight between the two Bridezilla-s was, admittedly hilarious and entertaining. That, I think, was probably the only good part I found in the movie. Oh, and I loved watching Kate Hudson. She totally oozes of sexiness. Especially her voice.

The plotline was so predictable, I already knew the ending before the movie ended. And that's not just it..... I could even predict certain scenes that were about to happen in the movie. At the middle of the whole thing, I got fed up and thought to myself: "WHAT WAS THE BIG DEAL ANYWAY? Have a double wedding lah!!" The whole fight, was stupid. In other words, the storyline was stupid. Which, needless to say, spoiled the whole movie for me. But then again, what can you expect from a chick flick?

Rating: 2/5

I'm trying my hand at reviewing here. Please don't stone me to death if I do it badly.. It's still my first time. By the way, just because I found Kate Hudson hot, doesn't mean I'm bisexual or a lesbian.


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